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What's The Best Hangover Cure?

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Headache, dehydrated, sore muscles, and starving. These are the classic hangover symptoms that we've all had after a night out with friends.

For years people have been searching for a way to ease these symptoms, but sadly there isn't a cure for this yet. However, there is a way to help ease some of your pain, and that's a cheeky lunch at Sneaky Burger.

Sneaky Burger is the premier burger restaurant in Wollongong where you can get gourmet burgers made fresh without breaking the bank, and we only use the best possible ingredients such as premium wagyu beef and fresh salad.

We know exactly what you need after a night out, so here is our top five list of hangover food at Sneaky Burger.

  1. The Sneaky Classic

We start with one of our most popular choices, the Sneaky Classic, which comes with wagyu beef, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, house pickles, mustard and ketchup. This mouth-watering beauty is only $9.50, which is an absolute steal.

If you have a raging hangover and you just want something to help take the pain away, then the Sneaky Classic is your number one choice.

  1. Cheeseburger

Here at Sneaky Burger, we like to create gourmet burgers to change things up a little, but we also love the classics so if that's what you're in the mood for then don't skip on our Cheeseburger. Don't let the simplified nature of it fool you though, as we still use wagyu beef and the freshest salad items to create it.

  1. Sneaky Signature

This is our take on a stacker burger with 2x wagyu beef patties, 2x slices of American cheese along with maple bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, house pickles and our secret Sneaky sauce which puts all other condiments to shame. This is a big boy burger and will satisfy even the hungriest persons appetite.

  1. Holy Trinity

This is our award-winning burger which some have called the best burger in Australia with its triple hit combo of ingredients any other burger can't beat it. It comes with a wagyu beef patty, fried chicken, maple bacon, lettuce, pickles and our Sneaky sauce. This is a house favourite and will meet any possible food craving you have.

  1. The Fat Sanchez

This is it, our heaviest hitter on the menu and is guaranteed to intimidate even the most season burger veterans. How do you like loaded chilli fries, wagyu beef patty, cheese, jalapeno, maple bacon, chipotle mayo and Mexican cheese?

This bad boy is the epitome of a knockout burger, and we guarantee you won't find a burger like it anywhere else.

We don't just believe; we KNOW our burgers are the best in the city and the quality of our food and service can't be matched.

If you feel too lazy or tired to come to our restaurant, that's not a problem as we have partnered with food delivery services such as Uber Eats so there's no problem.

For more information call us on 4205 2956 today.




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