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Best Burgers In Wollongong?

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Everyone has their own tastes and preferences when it comes to food. Some people like steak and others prefer a nice salad, but there is one food that everyone enjoys, and that's the classic burger.

There are dozens of burger shops and restaurants around Wollongong, but where exactly is the best burger in Wollongong served? Well, Sneaky Burger of course!

Here at Sneaky Burger, we provide gourmet burgers at affordable prices and our menu is simple yet vast, so you will find something that you like here, plus we have many ingredients that you can choose to sneak into your regular order to change it up a little.

All our customers claim that we have the best burgers in Wollongong, but why out of all the other options are we considered the best? Well.

Our Quality Is Second to None

The ingredients we use and the final product that we produce can't be matched by anyone else in the area, and that's not just us talking ourselves up, our customers are the ones who tell us this, and we have gained a lot of regular customers because of this.

Always Fresh

We believe that a truly great burger can't be made with old or subpar ingredients, so all our meals and burgers are made using only the freshest ingredients available.

Real Burgers

Our burgers are legit and aren't made using synthetic or store-bought frozen patties. They are made with pure beef that we get fresh.

Friendly Service

More often than not at other burger restaurants, you will be taken for granted and not shown the respect you deserve, but at Sneaky Burger we know the importance of treating our regulars with kindness and respect. You will always be served with a smile by our many servers, and they will make sure you have a comfortable time while you're here.

Burgers are a food that can really bring people together and get them talking and remembering about great memories you had in the past, so let us help you make a new memory with one of our delicious and fresh burgers.

We also take into account how you want your burger served, we do recommend it be cooked medium-well but if you have another preference let us know and we will make it for you.

We are located in the heart of Wollongong, so we get to share our amazing food with the people of this great city, and we are close to everything. So if you're ever out shopping and feel those hunger pains we all hate start to creep up, think of Sneaky Burger.

If you have any questions about our food, call us on 0413 447 815 or head on over to the menu section of our website and look through our amazing selection of burgers.

If you are hungry but stuck at home, have no fear as we are partnered with Deliveroo, UberEATS and Menulog so you can have your food delivered directly to your door.




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